Friday, March 1, 2013

how to protect from mosquito (simple and economical)

What is the economical and environment friendly way to protect yourself from mosquito ? 

This is what we tried and failed : 
1) Mosquito repellents gel (approx Rs 50 or $1 for 15-20 days)
2) Mosquito coil, mat or liquid  (approx Rs 50 or $1 for 15-20 days...lots of chemical)
3) Mosquito repellent app in my smartphone (free app)
4) Mosquito bat to kill mosquito (Rs 250 or $5, hard to find and kill mosquito)

Finally decided to use one simple technique: 
Well we got one mosquito net, big enough to cover my bed...cost Rs 600 or $12 ....working from last 3 months we sleep well w/o any harm to environment as well as our pocket :)

It's little cumbersome to handle it but it has it's own advantages. In case you have small kids...this is one of the best method :)

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